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Great service! Refinanced and lowered my interest rate! Was able to move my 30 year Home loan to a 15 year! Couldn't be happier! Brad Hazelwonder

-Bradley Hazelwonder

About USA Mortage's Columbia Branch

At USA Mortgage, a subsidiary of DAS Acquisition Company, LLC., our mission is the unrelenting pursuit of perfection, and we pride ourselves on the lending excellence and the superior level of service that our status as a mortgage bank enables us to provide.

USA Mortgage is a full service mortgage bank. This means that USA Mortgage will see you through all aspects of the loan process from the time you meet one of our mortgage professionals to the day you sit at the closing table, and ultimately fund your loan with its own money—no waiting for the corporate bigwigs halfway across the country to cut your check! To borrowers and Realtors©, being a mortgage bank means you can expect a home financing experience free of hassles and headaches. Complete control means having in-house operations such as processing, underwriting, closing and funding.

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USA Mortgage Home Loans

USA Mortgage is a local mortgage banker in Columbia, MO. We offer a large line of home loans such as FHA, USDA, MHDC and VA loans with competitive rates. Here at USA Mortgage's Columbia, Missouri branch we follow a very organized and stable system to achieve the best results for you. We have created a routine on every file to be very efficient and accurate for your benefit.

As our underwriters are reviewing the files, they may require additional information. The housing market is changing quickly and this will add more guidelines and new documents to our lending department. We will be in touch with you regarding these conditions required. The goal is to get these back to the underwriting ASAP.

...But what makes us different?

We're always available.

We don’t hold normal banker’s hours because we understand our clients have busy lives and schedules to maintain. One of our licensed mortgage bankers will always be available on weekends and after hours to assist you with all your needs.

We help you find direction.

There are many options out there for home financing, our number one goal and priority is to find the best options and direction that fits your financial goals. Even if you don’t qualify at the time of application, we make sure to advice with the right steps to take.

We save you money.

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases of our client’s lives, so we streamline the process to offer the lowest mortgage rates in the state of Missouri. Also provide the best terms and fees to save you money short and long term.

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Reduce Your Balance Faster: With lower interest rate, you pay more principle with each payment, especially in the first years of the loan. EXAMPLE: After five years of payments on a 30 year loan of $200,000 at 4% you would pay $19,706 in principle vs. $17,105 on the same at 5%. That’s an extra $2,601…

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