The Impact of a Qualified Realtor


When selling your home, it is important to ensure that you are dealing with a qualified realtor to help you during the selling process. There are a lot of realtors out there to choose from, so doing thorough research before choosing a realtor is key. While it is important to understand that not all realtors are created equal, you should also be educated on what makes a realtor qualified as well. Another thing that you could take a look at when it comes to selling your home is using real estate drone services. This is a great way to get people interested in your home when you are trying to sell it.

Tips to Find a Qualified Realtor

  • How long have you been selling homes?

Effectively listing and selling a home is a skill that takes quite a bit of on the job experience. The more skilled your agent is, the better chance you have of a quick sale at full price.

  • What are your real estate credentials?

The more credentials a realtor has, the better. This means you can feel good about working with a well-educated and highly motivated agent.

  • Do you have positive references and reviews?

It is always great to see what past clients thought about their experience with a realtor. You can even ask for 1-3 references, to see if the agent did anything that stood out to their clients.

  • Will you effectively market my home?

You want to put your full trust in your agent to effectively & strategically market your home in a timely fashion. The faster your home is correctly brought to market with a good and detailed listing report is key to the quick and effective sale of your home.

The importance of working with a knowledgeable and professional realtor will be crucial to the quick sale of your home. A professional and skilled realtor will facilitate state of the art marketing, and hold effective open houses allowing other agents and new buyers to preview your home. They will stay in constant communication throughout the entire process. The market knowledge of your realtor is highly important as well. Once you’ve found a realtor that you know and trust, the next step is to make certain that your home is presentable and list-ready. You will want to make sure that the inside and outside of your house impressions people, so if you are not much of a gardener it might be worthwhile using someone to make your house look perfect on the outside.

Before listing your home, your realtor will start off by going through the paperwork and explaining some Real Estate terms, while making sure you are happy and comfortable. Next, your realtor will process everything and quickly move forward to list your home. Your realtor will also advise and assist you before and during the listing process on anything that needs to be updated or improved. This will ensure your home is ready for new buyers to purchase.

Is Being Pre-Approved for a Home Loan as a Seller Necessary?

Yes! Absolutely, yes. If you are selling your home, that means that you are also most likely on the market for a new home as well. When a buyer (and hopefully, multiple buyers) make an offer on your home, you want to be able to take the best route that allows for the fastest sale. You will need to be able to move quickly, and having a pre-approval gives you many options as to which offer you will accept.

Realtor: Sharon Bennett and The Sharon Bennett Group. They are located locally in Columbia, Missouri with over 20 years of real estate experience. Specializing in listing and purchase transactions of new homes. As of 2018, WCR President Sharon Bennett also holds the following Real Estate credentials: ABR: Accredited Buyers Reprehensive, SRS: Seller Representative, Certified New Home Specialist, RRC: Residential Real Estate Council, Zillow Premier Agent.

Sharon Bennett

Sharon Bennett

Sharon Bennett is a highly skilled & educated Realtor for RE/MAX Boone County