MHDC Loans

The State of Missouri First Place Loan program offers MHDC Loans through a down payment assistance grant. The loans are available through USA Mortgage for properties located anywhere in Missouri. MHDC Home Loans are provided both with Conventional and FHA loans, offering up to 4.5% down-payment assistance, and these loans will leave very little left for the borrowers to bring to the table. MHDC Home Loans Rates are pre-determined by the Missouri Housing Development Commission and available on their website on daily basis.

Advantages of MHDC Loans

Who Can Benefit?


Clients with little or no money for down payment.

First-time homebuyers.

Clients who want to buy within the city limit and the house won’t qualify for USDA.

Clients who wish to use non-owner occupant to help with their debt to income.


MHDC Loan Programs

First Place and Next Step

The MHDC loan is the perfect option for any eligible borrower looking to bring very little money to the table. The down-payment assistance is provided in the form of a five-year 0.00% forgivable grant. If you sell or refinance before the full five years is up a pro-rated portion of the grant may become due. Also Do not need to be first time home buyer for MHDC!


USA Mortgage Advantage

Mortgage Lender of the year in the state of Missouri.

Underwriting, processing and funding in the house.

Accepts lower credit scores compared to many other lenders.

Fast turn times on approval and funding.


Down Payment Assistance

USA Mortgage Columbia regional office has many locations in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and nearby areas. We have all the resources needed to make your dream a reality. Are you ready to move forward with your next home purchase? A local mortgage broker will guide you every step of the way. Apply now and find out if you qualify for down payment assistance.