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Bob O’steen

Sales Manager

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 332983, USA Mortgage NMLS: 227262

Phone: (573) 216-1231

About Bob

I often wonder about the paths that led people to their current occupation. Mine was simple. It was my love and knowledge of the area in which I am currently working that led me to become a mortgage loan originator with USA Mortgage. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, my family moved to the Lake of the Ozarks in 1979. After graduating from Camdenton High School and attending the University of Missouri -Columbia, I worked in the events field for the University of Missouri Alumni Association for several years.

There were a few summers spent back at the Lake working at such legendary establishments as Tuckett’s Restaurant and Shooters 21 that allowed me the opportunity to spend more time in my “old stomping grounds”. The siren song of the Lake called me back in 2000 when I took a position as a real estate appraiser in the Lake area. It was an easy segue into the mortgage business in 2003 that led me to my current employment. I believe my knowledge of the area and obviously, my knowledge of property values with my appraisal background gives me a unique understanding of our real estate market. Couple that with my attention to detail, my ability to think outside the box and my belief that I have to stand behind every loan I do since these are the people I have to look in the eye at Wal-Mart, and you will understand what sets me apart from others in my field. Too many lenders look at problems as just that: a “problem”.

I look at it as a challenge since there is always a solution to the problem. It just goes back to how hard are you willing to solve that problem that sets me and USA Mortgage apart from others in my field. I am always very upfront with all parties to a loan transaction so everyone is aware of any potential issues from the start and we aren’t left scrambling to meet closing dates without knowing what led us to scramble first. Perhaps it is oversharing information but knowledge is power. I look forward to the opportunity to put these skills to the test for any client that comes my way.

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