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One of my favorite home financing options is the VA home loan. With the $0 down payment option, and no Mortgage Insurance (MI), they are superior to any other loan out there for the majority of buyers’ situations. VA loans do offer very competitive interest rates as well, and USA Mortgage has a lot of different options on closing cost and fees.

VA home Loan in Missouri - USA Mortgage

Some of the highlights you need to know about VA Loans

In addition, these loans and their extraordinary benefits are for qualified veterans, and it makes the work very rewarding by helping them become homeowners. These loans tend to have easier guidelines as far as qualifying for credit and income standards are concerned as well.

If you are shopping around for a VA home loan, give us a call or fill out an application online; we can get you pre-approved in just a few minutes, and help you buy your dream home.

Keep looking for upcoming blogs on VA loans; we will blog about the benefits, how to qualify, refinances and guidelines soon.

We talked about the VA home loan being one of the most popular loans for our veterans. These loans have plenty going for them, and the benefits are phenomenal.

What benefits does a VA Loan have to offer for you?

No money down for these loans is very desirable, and not having MI makes them even better. VA loans tend to have lower monthly payments than other loan programs, and have much easier qualification standards to go with that.

There are of course, some restrictions for VA loans that we will talk more about in the next chapter, but here are some of the highlights of VA loans:

  • 100% Financing
  • No monthly MI
  • If the veteran is disabled and qualifies as an exempt borrower, there
  • will not be any upfront funding fee
  • Great interest rates (fixed and ARM options)

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